Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Let go!

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I think this is one of the best articles on packing light. It's true, the way we pack reflects how we live our lives. Maybe it's time for us to unload and drop some of our baggages and move forward.


I made a trip back home recently, it was a long family vacation after a year being away.
I moved back to a different country almost 3 years ago, leaving all my family and friends behind and trying to carry my whole life in just two bags.
I used to be a really light packer before this experience, but now I feel like I have to pack EVERYTHING I own when I travel.  It makes me feel safe.
You can see how inconvenient this can turn to be.
Vacation was over, and on the day I was leaving my beloved country again, I was checking-in my bag when the receptionist told me:
-Your bag is too heavy, you will have to pay $500 USD for the extra weight.
I panicked.
I was willing to pay just to be able to carry everything I had in there, which in my mind all seemed tremendously valuable.
Lucky for me, my brother and dad were there to say:
Look, it’s a ridiculous amount of money, you can buy all new stuff with it, just take things out of your bag. 
So there I was, in the middle of Mexico City’s Airport trying to take things out of the bag. It was heart-breaking, I was sweating really bad, my heart was beating fast and felt like crying the whole time.
A few weeks have passed and now I realize, I did survive without those things, but it was tremendously hard for me to leave them behind.
This situation reminded of Pixar’s movie, “Up”, and how the old man was literally carrying with his whole house just because he didn’t want to let go.
Because things make us feel safe, loved and strong, especially when we have personal attachments to them.
I still need to work on this. My family and friends will still love me even if I couldn’t bring the mugs they gifted me on Christmas, they will always be with me.
Love is way lighter to carry than stuff. 

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